I created this site for people like myself and others who want to preserve the arts and the cultural objects in the world. I am a conservator and I invite everyone to register and work with me on this site. I would like to establish an international exchange of knowledge and information concerning the world of conservation and restoration and would also like to join merchants and professional conservators.

Anyone can contribute on this page. You can post articles, set up a job, add your knowledge and experience, sell something, add events or job offers and also advertise your own conservation enterprise. Basically all this is free of charge. You just have to register. Only a few features on your profile page require a Premium membership. They are marked clearly there. A annual Premium membership will cost you only 29,75 Euros or the equivalent amount in your own currency. As tax policy world wide is fairly complicated this is the amount you are paying, sometimes including VAT, sometimes not. This is: if you are situated in Germany (as this site is based in Germany) it is 29,75 Euros incl. 19% VAT. If you are a private person from the EU or from any other country in the world it will be 29,75 Euros incl. the VAT of your own country. If you are a company in the EU or any other country apart from Germany it will be 29,75 Euros with no VAT. In this case please make sure that you have filled in the VAT-No. in your profile, so I can send you a correct invoice. And, please, make sure to cancel your membership at least 2 months before the year ends as if you don't I will send you unasked a new invoice for the following year. Just send me an email if you like to quit.
The money, of course, will be used to keep this page up-to-date and to implement new ideas in the future. You can easily pay by PayPal. As soon as I receive the payment, I release the corresponding account within a few days. In case of gross violations against my conditions of use, I reserve the right to delete profiles and to exclude these persons from the site. If the person has a premium profile there won't be any refunding.
Merchants are very welcome. I arranged a market place for them. You can link your registered employees with the company profile. The articles that are offered should be related to the restoration or conservation of art and cultural heritage. Therefore, I also reserve the right to exclude or remove articles or entire company offers and profiles from the site. Business members pay a basic contribution depending on the amount of articles. Just contact me for the price, especially if you need technical support for the Installation.

All those who have registered here are welcome to contribute. Topics on these pages are the conservation, preservation, storage and perhaps the presentation of art and cultural objects. Anyone who contributes will find a link to his post on his profile. This information is also visible for anybody visiting his profile. Articles can be translated into one of the other languages. In this way you can spread your knowledge even more. I ask everyone to make their contribution to the best of their knowledge. Everyone is fully responsible for what he writes. Remember that other members can change your entries. This may result in incorrect, incomplete, outdated, contradictory, or inaccurate information. Don't use pictures and don't copy texts with a copyright. If you post one of your own pictures here, please, note that they can be easily copied. If you like a picture and you would like to download it, please check first if there is a copyright on it and ask the creator of the article or/ and the owner of the picture.
No laws should be violated, such as e.g. the copyright law and copyrights for pictures and texts. However, there are so many texts and images on the Internet that I can not recognize immediately whether the setting on my site violates laws. As soon as I know about it, I will of course remove the corresponding pictures or texts. If you have a suspicion, please send me an e-mail to info@conservable.net with the exact statement of the violation.

I can't accept responsibility for the contents created by members of this site. Especially in the case of recipes, instructions or methods, I do not guarantee success and feasibility in any way. If an application damages a person or an object, I am in no way liable.

I reserve the right to use contributions to advertise this site on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Merchants and their products are targeted as well on these platforms. How much and at what time is at my discretion.

Jobs and events are automatically deleted after the date you entered. Ads are automatically deleted after 3 months. After this period you have to place the ad again.

Each member can bookmark articles in the marketplace. However, there is no direct order and no purchase on this site. You can simply state a request. Shipping costs are not specified here on this page and must be requested from the merchant.

I reserve the right to change these terms of use at any time without giving reasons. The changed conditions will be sent to the registered member by e-mail no later than two weeks before their entry into force. If the user does not object to the validity of the new conditions within two weeks after receipt of the e-mail in written form (e-mail), the changed conditions of use apply as accepted.

Privacy is handled on a separate page. http://www.conservable.net/en/data-privacy-policy

Despite the long text, I wish you all a lot of fun on these pages.

Sif Dagmar Dornheim

Conservable Network is a project by konservierungspartner.de

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