The digital preservation of written documents is currently playing an increasingly important role. There are several ways to create duplicates to protect the original. Some are named and described below.

Digital copy, photocopy, facsimile

This is a form of protective medium. The advantage of a duplicate is the identical representation of the object and its entire content, especially with facsimiles, which are aligned to the original in pictures, text, size and color. Scientific research can continue without the original. Transport and handling are thus excluded, which always involve dangers of loss of substance due to mechanical stress. Making a duplicate, for example by photocopying, cannot be done on each object. It depends on what condition it is and whether an opening angle of 180° is possible without causing damage. For digital copies book scanners are used, which take into account objects whose opening angle is already limited to a maximum of 90°. See the videos below for an example.

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